jQuery html5 buttons

What is it ?

And why this plugin is unique on the web ?

This plugin combines the power of jQuery, the graphics capabilities of HTML5 canvas component and the beauty of a design in CSS3, to give this:

No no, I'm not flash

Or again :

A Dark button A Green Button A Red Button A Pink Button

Or any style you want !

jQuery Html5 Buttons is optimized for the recents browsers, but works on each browser (including IE6) . It adapts himself smartly.

It allows you to add any icons and customize effects. All this really easily .

Moreover, I realized this for you online generator (not included in the package), which allows buyers to easily and quickly create beautiful buttons.


Online Generator

Online Live Generator

Full CSS3 Designed

Full CSS3 Designed

Live Generator

The comfort of jQuery

Let's Go !

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